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Why choose a Mono Depositor?

These Depositors are amongst the most versatile and compact confectionery machines on the market with an established reputation for exceptional efficiency, accuracy and consistency of its depositing. Ideal for bakers, confectioners, caterers and hoteliers who need a competitive edge, these lines are designed to produce an almost endless array of high quality products by replicating the traditional time-consuming hand movements of the master confectioner – effortlessly – with speed and reliability.

More reasons to choose Mono:

– Durable, hygienic and easy to clean.
– Made-to-order
– Processes wide range of products
– Quick and easy one person set up and operation
– Creates complex and multiple-layered products
– Suitable for soft and hard doughs

MONO Universal Confectionery Depositor

Mono Omega PLUS

MONO Universal 3DX Confectionery Depositors

Omega Plus Depositor
With Wire Cut

MONO Equipment Universal & 3Dx Depositor 2 colour

MONO Equipment Universal & 3DX Depositor 3 Colour

Omega Plus Confectionery Depositor

Omega Confectionery Depositor

MONO Universal 3D-X Confectionery Depositor