When designing our machines and plants we strive to provide our customers with machines that meet the highest

quality standards and are flexible enough to produce a wide range of products and therefore offer a comprehen-
sive economic overall solution. Thanks to its compact design the Combiline Compact meets all of these require-
ments. With its quick-change stamping tools and the insertable cutting station a high variety of products (e.g. round,

rounded, longrolled stamped or longrolled cut products) can be processed at a production capacity of up to 9.000
pieces per hour.

  • modular and robust framework construction
  • proven dough dividing and rounding machines Basic Rex, Classic Rex or Classic Rex Futura as head machine guarantee high quality products
  • Reginamatic stamping station with automatically reversible cups for rounded, stamped and long-rolled products
  • Climatisation with heater and humidification, highly effective disinfection for empty swings
  • capacity adjustable between 15 and 25 strokes/min
  • ergonomic tray retracting height
  • direct setting from head machine to setting unit possible
  • integrated longroller-unit for the production of cut rolls
  • stainless steel execution
  • optional retractable drawer for easy tray retraction